Leverage Primer (part 1)

Challenge #7

This is for Challenge #7. If I understand the directions properly, each of us can answer up to three questions - but no more than three. This is going to require some strategizing, because if we can manage to answer all the questions as a team, we get a bonus 75 points!

We can shift our answers around in order to get maximum coverage up until the challenge closes. Right now I'd suggest people focus on answering the questions they can that are least likely to be answerable by everybody in the comm.

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Hello GUISE! Friending Meme, ahoy!


posted with permission from cardboardcornea 

Oh, and can anyone make Sophie/Team Grifter icons for our lovely community? I'm utterly pants at icons or anything with the computer (aside from writing and that's *iffy* at best).

Love, snarky