I Can Kill You With My Brain (telaryn) wrote in teamgrifter,
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Team Challenge #3 - Post #2/2



Cap work by lemonpunch

accomplished aggravated amused angry annoyed anxious
apathetic artistic awake bitchy blah blank
bored bouncy busy calm cheerful chipper
cold complacent confused contemplative content cranky
crappy crazy creative crushed curious cynical
depressed determined devious dirty disappointed discontent
distressed ditzy dorky drained drunk ecstatic
embarrassed energetic enraged enthralled envious exanimate
excited exhausted flirty frustrated full geeky
giddy giggly gloomy good grateful groggy
grumpy guilty happy high hopeful horny
hot hungry hyper impressed indescribable indifferent
infuriated intimidated irate irritated jealous jubilant
lazy lethargic listless lonely loved melancholy
mellow mischievous moody morose naughty nauseated
nerdy nervous nostalgic numb okay optimistic
peaceful pensive pessimistic pissed off pleased predatory
productive quixotic recumbent refreshed rejected rejuventated
relaxed relieved restless rushed sad satisfied
scared shocked sick silly sleepy sore
stressed surprised sympathetic thankful thirsty thoughtful
tired touched uncomfortable weird working worried
Tags: challenge 024, heist 6, team challenge
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